Inaraa was born out of a thirst for exploration of the vast unknown. Our search for a deeper meaning of existence lead us to discover a hidden world of beauty that is still thriving in an artisan world obsessed with efficiency. A world where magic still exists, where many hands join together with heart, emotion, and passion to create true value that can’t be measured. An answer to all those who crave a little more from life, with Inaraa, we bring that world to you.Each Inaraa product is handmade and showcases multiple art forms and weaving techniques. They give their wearers a chance to transverse physical boundaries and be transported into a better world that is filled with passion, dedication, and seeped in rich culture.

Our Promise


Genuine is a word that is at the core of our existence. In a mass-produced world driven by efficiency of every kind, Inaraa stands in support of handcrafted products, made with purpose and with love.


So much more than a name on a label, each Inaraa product is a piece of art that connects you to its maker. Ethically working with weaver communities and artisans from across India, Inaraa’s story is just as much theirs, as it is ours.


Every Inaraa product you purchase empowers its maker communities. Our mission at Inaraa, is to help support sustainable, long-term employment for skilful artisans giving them an opportunity to showcase their skills to the world.